Hi there!

Been a while, hasn’t it?

It’s been a funny old time personally since I last posted on this blog. But that’s not what I talk about here – this is the place for theatre reviews. I’ve still been writing those, even though I’ve let this site get all stale, neglected and mouldy.

While I was away, I didn’t review everything I saw – sometimes I just chatted about a show with friends, and sometimes I didn’t bother to engage my higher brain functions, just sat back and enjoyed. I’m sure I saw some shows in the intervening months that I’ve forgotten about entirely. (If so, I bet they weren’t very good.)

But, by way of trying to get back on track, I’ll be posting here all the reviews I’ve written since my last post. I’ll dump them all here and then post a digest, so that I have a record of what I really did get done, in this funny old time I’ve had.

Welcome back!