Gottle o’ geer?: image via Matt Martin Photography

Book by Jeff Whitty/Music and lyrics by Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx
Produced by Sell A Door
Palace Theatre
3rd-7th May 2016

This short review was originally published as a comment here.

Laugh upon laugh come thick and fast for most of this profanity-riddled riff on Sesame Street, but it has its more tender moments and its lessons, too, about growing up and life’s predictable unpredictability. The cast deliver it all with slick professionalism and admirable comic ability, especially those who handle and/or voice the puppets. You might think it would be strange to watch one actor, plainly visible onstage, voice not only the puppet she is controlling, but also another held by a different cast member – but there was no awkwardness and the actors playing Kate Monster/Lucy the Slut and Princeton/Rod did a thoroughly convincing job with their dual roles. As convincing as blue, yellow and furry puppets can be, that is. Not everyone will enjoy every number (see song titles such as The Internet is for Porn and Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist) but there’s something irresistibly charming about it nonetheless.