What is society coming to? Chris Morris in a still from Brass Eye
What is society coming to? Chris Morris in a still from Brass Eye

Contact Theatre

Contact Young Actors’ Company

9th July 2014

Originally published as a comment on Georgina Wells’ review here on the MTA site.

This unsettling production, set in a near future, balances its bleak vision of a fascist Britain with emotional warmth and abundant humour (however black). The cast are equally convincing whether they are performing the heartfelt movement pieces and live music, or the threaded scenes that form the backbone of the show. The video projections and digressive scenes that portray the world outside are as funny, and as uncomfortably familiar, as any sketch from Brass Eye.

Special mention is deserved for a scene in which two girls share their stories of oppression and compromise through intercut monologues, unflinchingly addressing sexual abuse and inequality. It proved, by being genuinely difficult to watch at times, that these topics are often highly stigmatised and women’s voices aren’t heard. Contact Young Actors Company have used theatre’s platform to send an important message about self-expression, and how the people on the margins are never as far away as the people in the centre may think. It’s a compelling experience.